No one knows the answer. 

But let’s just get started what we can do!


Deforestation, Marin Pollution and etc.…these various environmental problems have been exacerbated day by day.

Each of us need face the facts and start sustainable action towards the challenges such as “SDGs” represent.

Even if we want to get start something, It is not few people who don’t know what to start within this today’s chaotic media overflow.

Given this circumstance, we decided to start articulating our new slogan with our shop “r.Bazzar” we newly launched.

“No one knows the answer. But let’s just get started what we can do!”

Unused material from construction sites, masterpiece furniture to hand down to posterity, unique goods and etc…the assortment of an wide variety of products is our “expression” for our challenges on what we can do.

By donating the part of the sales from our actions, we would be grateful aim to contribute to society with our sustainable business.


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